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  Updated - 7/24/17   
Girls Weeknight Fastpitch League
September 11 to November 3

We are now taking sign ups for our Fallball Weeknight League
Games will be played on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings, depending upon sign ups.  
The concept of this league is to give Travel teams an opportunity have  "Friendly Games" with live pitching, in order to prepare for Weekend Tournaments.  With Travelball budgets going
through the ceiling, we also want to provide quality games at a reasonable cost.  Our format is patterned after our previous girls fastpitch leagues for travel teams and will include the following:

Practice Games - No Standings, Playoffs or awards will be given.  Coaches don't have to play with a "Win at all cost" attitude, thereby giving all of their pitchers mound time and to put players at different positions.  The whole point is to get your team "Better for Tournaments".

School Comes First
- teams are not pressured to have all of their players present when a player might have a heavy homework load or a project due.  Aiming for a college baseball scholarship?  Three very important words - Grades, Grades, Grades.

Game Times at 6:15 and 7:45
- this means the length of the games will be 1 hour and 20 minutes, drop dead.  There are a few reasons for this: first, it is difficult for parents to get off work , pick up their kids and be at the park to warm up for a 6:15 game.  On the back side, we are playing on school nights and we want games done and teams packed up by around 9:00PM.  Many people still won't make it home until 10:00PM.  So games times will be crucial.  We must start the second game at 7:45 in order to be done around 9:00PM.

Single Umpire System - in order to keep costs down, we will use a 1 umpire system.  Remember that these are practice games so let's save your team's $$ for tournaments.  We are looking for new umpires so we also hope to pair a "newbie" up with an experienced umpire for training purposes when we can.  We can't put newbies on the field during tournaments with no experience.  The cost of umpires will be included in your League Entry Fee.

Freedom Park General Rules - Freedom Park General Rules pertaining to outside food/ drinks, parking, pets, etc. will apply to league nights.  We will not be charging a gate fee for league.  The Freedom Park Snack Bar will be open with a full grill of many options for food.

Tuesday ScheduleWednesday ScheduleThursday Schedule
Schedules will be posted by September 7

Premier or Futures?? - we will strive to group teams in competitive levels so

choose if you are entering at an Elite or Futures team.
You can still register as a Futures team and play in the Elite group
 League Entry Form OnlyCredit Card Payment Form

 All teams must submit proof of insurance

There is no organizational registration cost but teams must be able to provide proof of team insurance.

Chappell Insurance has a fantastic deal of 1/2 price for Team Insurance for the remainder of the calendar year.

Chappell Team Insurance

Teams in Red are paid but pending proof of insurance  - Teams in Green are paid and submitted proof of insurance
Women's Division teams have the option of filling out a Waiver Form in lieu of insurance but DF Softball will not be responsible any injury claims.

Fallball Session - Starts the Week of September 11 for 8 weeks
We can take a maximum of 16 teams per night and need at least 4 teams in a bracket
We also need to strive to have an even number of teams in a bracket to avoid double header/bye situations

MondayTuesday Wednesday Thursday

If your team is listed in:

Black - You are Penciled-In but Entry is not confirmed
Red - Entry Fee Received - Need Proof of Insurance
Green - Entry Fee and all paperwork has been received
#1 - Proof of Insurance Required

Refund Policy
A refund of the Entry Fee will be provided if a team cancels before the entry deadline, which is 9 days before the start of League Play.  There will be NO REFUND of the entry fee if a team cancels after the entry deadline date.  This includes individual games or for the remainder of that particular league session.

The weather and field conditions will be closely monitored.  If the weather conditions and /or  the field conditions are questionable, we will announce our decision to proceed or by 10:00AM on the day of the game. 

If games are cancelled and not re-scheduled by DF Softball, a refund of $60.00 per game will be applied. There will be no refund for a particular game once it has been started.