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2016-17 PGF Team Registration
Available beginning September 1

Do You Register as  a Premier or Futures Division team ??

  Register as Premier
if you are going to play in
National Qualifiers and National Championships ONLY!!
If you are "NOT COMPETING" in any National Qualifiers or National Tournmaments, then you should be registering as a Futures Team

Register as Futures
if you ARE NOT going to play in National Qualifiers or National Championships.
This includes "A" level teams as we will be hosting Premier/Platinum level brackets in our local events as well.

  Registering as a Futures team will also save you $$$$


Premier Division - This is PGF's highest standard, where the elite teams throughout the country compete to determine who is the 'best of the best.' This competition culminates in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley and Irvine California, with a televised game deciding the true national champion in the 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u and 18u age divisions.

Platinum Division - created in 2013 to allow top level teams that compete against the 'best of the best' a second opportunity to be considered among the elite teams in the country. These teams compete side by side at the same venue, at the same time as the Premier division. The ultimate champion in the 14u, 16u and 18u age divisions earns the right to compete against the elite teams by receiving a berth to following year's Premier National Championship.

Teams registering as a Premier team have the goal to qualify for a berth to the PGF Nationals in SoCal.  We will be hosting National Qualifiers, Showcase/Clinics and Weekend Tournaments for Premier Division teams.  The Platinum Division exists at the National Championships to provide a 2nd level of play

We will be hosting "PGF West Top Team Challenge" events in each age division for Premier teams who do not earn a berth to PGF Nationals.  The PGF West Top Team Challenge will be in July - Check our event schedule for date and location of each age group and division.

Premier Division Registration is different than Futures.  Teams must register coaches and players as individuals which is a cost of $15 per Coach/Player.  So the total cost of Premier registration is not a set fee as it it based upon how many coaches and players you are registering.


Futures Division - Created to help provide an opportunity for local community teams, that want to play PGF quality tournaments, an affordable alternative. These tournaments will be held at convenient venues throughout your community and state. All PGF Futures tournaments will have the same quality service that our PGF fan base has become accustomed to and grown to expect without having to travel as much.

2016-17 Futures Division Registration is available now at the PGF National website.  
The registration fee is a flat rate per team and will be good Sept 1, 2016  through August 31, 2017.

The Futures Division will be able to compete in 2017 Regional Championships in July.


The best way to answer this question is selecting your level of Championship play.

Register as Premier
if you are going to play in

National Qualifiers / National Championship
for Premier / Platinum in Huntington Beach

Register as Futures
if you are going to play in any
 other events besides a National Qualifier.

  but can save money by registering Futures even if you are playing in Premier Brackets
as this will save you $$

There is not a bridge between the Premier and Futures Registration as the process and costs are separate.  A Futures team that decides later to play in a National Qualifier must re-register as a Premier Team at full cost.  There is no carry-over from Futures.

The PGF  Registration season is from January 1 to December 31.
The player's age on or after January 1 determines what division she is eligible to play for the season ending
on December 31 of that year.  Players can play up but not down in age.

Please contact Dennis Fong if you have any questions or problems with registering your team.